Benjamin Dube | Prescott College

Benjamin Dube

Academic Statement

My research concerns the tension between promoting more complex, locally-situated agricultural systems and to govern those systems for large-scale environmental goals, such as water quality and climate mitigation. 

I investigate questions in these areas in various ways, including studying scientific research communities as networks, analysis of farming certifications and computer modelling of the dynamics of complex adaptive management in agriculture. 


I teach SBM53000: The Economics of Sustainable Organizations & Communities: which explores basic economics principles and how economic and non-economic factors influence sustainable well-being.


PhD in Natural Resources- University of Vermont (in progress)

BA in Agriculture and Food Systems- Green Mountain College (2012)


Ecological Economics


Philosophy of Transdisciplinary Science

    • Dube, B (2020) Assessing Ecological Economics at 30: Results from a Survey of ISEE members IN Costanza, Kubeskewski and Farley (eds). A Research Agenda for Ecological Economics
    • Brevik K, Adams J, Dube B, Barbieri L and Yahya Haage G.  (2020) Well-being in the More-Than-Human World. IN Costanza, Kubeskewski and Farley (eds). A Research Agenda for Ecological Economics 
    • Mulder KP, Dube B (2014) Long-Term Ecological Assessment of Farming Systems (LEAFS): Comparing Human, Animal and Small Machine Power for Fresh-Market Horticulture. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems. 38:6
    • Dube B, Mulder KP (2014) Energetic Analysis of Draft Animal Hay Harvest: An Alternative Look at Cellulosic Biomass. Outlook on Agriculture. 43:4